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With the development of science and technology,our life has become very convinient and interesting. There are many advantages of it. Above all, we can communicate with our friends through the Internet without the limitation of time and space.

Everything has two sides,so the modern technology also has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all,it makes our life more convenient.For example ,buses save up us a lot of time. Besides,it provides us more safe food just like "green food".

i think reading is important in the whole life for people. there are many benefits of reading. firstly, reading increases our knowledge and we can learn the world affairs without going out. secondly, reading is a good way to improve reading and writing

For instance. In addition, human society has enjoyed continuous prosperity and more convenience, which is expected to cure many serious diseases and save lives, new discoveries and technology in medicine improve people', an environmentally

The rapid development of science and technology has brought about great changes to human life.The great benefits brought about by this progress is hailed in every corner of the world.New electronic appliances have made our life simpler than ever

Technology has been an important motivation in the progress of human civilization.With the help of technology we can improve our life .However,everything has two sides,so

Nowadays, technology is everywhere around us. The development of technology has a significant affact toward the society. Several technologies that we usually use are the internet, computer, and cellphone. These new technologies make our life

the Advantages and the Disadvantages of Modern TechnologyThere is no doubt that modern technology has caused great changes in our life.Nowadays the Internet,cell

Recycling waste plastics, the classification is very difficult, and its economy viable. Plastic easy to combustion, produce toxic gases when burned, will cause great harm the environment. So, saying that plastic bags for the "white pollution" is not

There are some rare endangered animal, country has the giant panda, dolphin and so on. Cloning technology can use them? The pair of pandas for cloning problems, has caused controversy among scientists concerned, then, cloning of

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