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Tomorrow is Sunday.I will stay at home.In the morning,I will finish my homework.Then I will do help my parents to do some housework.In the afternoon,I wil go to my good friend's home and play with her(him).In the evening I will watch TV.Oh,what a busy day!

The holiday is coming!i will spend my holiday in a healthy way this time.i plan to get up at 7 am every day.And three meals a day is necessary.what is more ,i will swim in the pool and play basketball to keep fit供鼎垛刮艹钙讹水番惊.i can't wait to relax myself during the vacation!

Today I go to the zoo .I see the many animals. Such as monkeys. I'm very like animals. Today I'm very happy. Tomorrow I'm going to the park. It is a nature park. I'm going to the p

I had a wonderful holiday at spring festival . I went to the park with my friends . We met at eight o'clock at the school gate . We went to the park by bike .It was a beautiful day . We sat under a big tree and chated with each other . We took about some

My winter holiday I love winter and the winter holiday is coming. I think I will have a good time. First, I will finish all my holiday homework as soon as possible. Then I will go skating and skiing with my family and friends. I love those winter sports. I will

my weekend This weekend I will go swimming with my friends . I will clean my room. I will go shopping.I will go to visit my grandparents,and finally I will finish my homework.

tomorrow my family will go to the cineme and watch a movie.we will get up at 9 o'clock.after breakfast,we will go to the cinema by bus.we will watch cartoon because i like cartoon.after the movie,we will have dinner at our favorite restaurant 注意大小写哦 呵呵

On summer vacation.I want to help my mom do homework everyday.I want to play sports evryday.And I want to go to the beach.I hope I can be in bed by 12 o'clock.Later,I want to learn any more.

题主,你好!上周末做了什么,用一般过去时.比如:My last weekendsI did many things last weekends. I listened to music. I did my homework.I watered the flowers. I played with my brother. I had a good time last weekends.我的上周末(生活)我上周末做了很多事情.我听了歌.我写了作业.我浇了花.我和我的兄弟玩.上周末我很开心.

This holiday, I was very happy, because the weather was sun and My friend ,Fred,and I played in a park that where we could played basketball. we played until afternoon, we all felt happy and also tired. so we ate lunch, which we took from home, in

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