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WHO identified ten criteria for human health:1, there is plenty of energy, can be leisurely take on daily busy work.2. Life optimistic, positive attitude, willing to take responsibility, do not pick unavoidably.3, good rest, sleep well.4, adaptability, able to

i'm li hua from your english writing class last term. i'm writing to ask for your help. i'm applying for a part-time job at a foreign company in my city during the summer vacation, and i have just completed my application letter and resume. however, i am


在我的记忆力,有许多第一次,他们就像繁星点缀在我成长的天空上,现在就让我摘下最明亮的一颗让你欣赏吧. 那天,爸爸出差了,妈妈很晚才下班,那天我放假在家,一座空洞洞的房子(这里的空洞洞用的不恰当)对于我这个胆小鬼来说,敢待几秒种已经是一个对我胆量的很大考验了. 天渐渐黑了下来,我打开电脑,却怕着屏幕上突然出现一个骷髅,打开音乐和它一起唱着,可是我发现,自己的心跳一直跳个不停(第一个跳纯属充字用)握着鼠标的手心已经出了冷汗,唱着歌的喉咙发出的声音跑了调. “会不会有鬼啊,救命,呜呜!”我心里这么想着,把我所在的屋子的灯打开后,望着别的屋子黑的像随时有白色的影子飘过,我闭着眼睛,伸手去探那个屋子的灯的开关,亮了.我松了口气.

My Free Time is colorful .In my Free Time,I often play the computer game with my cousin.Sometimes,I watch TV and fly a kite.Last Sunday,I went to the bookstore with my father.I bought many books,so,this Sunday,I will stay at home and read books,

at is beautiful, people like to wear beautifulclothes,if we print some colorful pads of some wordson them.the clothes will become more attractive.Butthe meaning of the words on them must be lovelytoo. I am sorry to say that some people pay

I went to the zoo with my friends last Sunday.It was hot and sunny that day.It took us about two hours to get there by bus.There were thousands of people in the zoo.We saw lots of animals,such as,pandas,kangaroos,polar bears,gifaffes,elephants,

2016全国1卷英语参考例文如下:Dear Ms Jenkins,I'm Li Hua from your English writing class last term. I'm writing to ask for your help. I'm applying for a part-time job at a foreign company in my city during the summer vacation, and I have just

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