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Till I Die - Chris Brown&Big Sean&Wiz Khalifa Yo this Virginia 呦,来到了西佛及利亚 Straight from the country right there wit my kinfolk 辗转旅途,乡村到城市,亲友们都等候着我 Golds and my mouth and they put 26's on Benzo's 金牙镶嵌,随时

歌名就叫 im so lonely

是不是 贾斯丁 比伯 的 baby? you know you love me,i know you care 你知道你爱我,我知道你会在意 you shout whenever, and i'll be there 无论何时只要你呼唤,我就会出现在那里 you want my love, you want my heart 你想要我的爱,你想要得到我

《 baby i m back》 歌手:baby bash 专辑:super saucy Featuring Akon [Chorus Akon] Don't look no farther! Baby im back (yeah) Im here to cater to you (any thing that you want me: do ill do it) Cause Ill be your lover (ill be your lover) Ill be your best

歌曲:Baby, Im In Love 歌手:Thalia - Baby Im in loveBaby Im in loveAh, dont be checking meBaby I aint freeMaybe on my own butIm not aloneI got, I got a good thingDoesnt really matter boy what you haveI dont need no rock to be off the blockNo

《You Are My Everything》,歌手是Lexington Bridge. 歌词: Baby I can't let you go 宝贝儿我无法放弃你 I think about you all the time 我无时无刻不在想念着你 Think about you all the nights 整夜思念你 You and me we creeping next to the sea

i feel the touch of your hand and i understand how much i need your love you have given me wings and i can do things i've never dreamed of and i promise for as long as we're together i will cherish this everlasting love oh baby i need you so you

歌词“feeling you baby”出自歌曲《jump then fall》.歌名:《jump then fall》歌手:泰勒斯威夫特 填词:泰勒斯威夫特 谱曲:泰勒斯威夫特 歌词:I like the way your sound in the morning,We're on the phone and without a warning,I

Darin- Sail The Ocean 试听

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