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call me up頁屎鳩議.call up 俊兆簡扮,兆簡辛參了噐万議朔中匆辛參了噐嶄寂,徽輝call up俊旗簡扮,旗簡勣了噐嶄寂.

call me up 梧返:natalie 廨辞:everything newHi, this is NatalieLeave a message after the beepAnd I'll give you a call backRemember if you don't leave a messageI don't know who calledThanksAye, yo, Natalie what's up, girlI ain't heard or seen you

ring a ding dongring ring a ding dongring ring a ding dongring ring a ding dong (sing it)it's been a long timewaiting for your phone call匯fi嶄でもi can wait you all nightring a ding dongas i pick up my phonewhatcha doin' girl ?!嗔だったso

call up嗤載謹喘隈 曳泌尢孰,匯軟恬塰強,拘軟指吮吉吉厘訥稱馬詢糞膸按埜喘隈,CALL ME UP麼勣頁胆塀笥囂call me祥頁屎械喘隈 短焚担湊寄曝艶

The Pussycat DollsWhatcha Think About That lyrics頁梧簡(Ladies)So if your dude ain actin right,You tell that dude he got to go,If that dude be clamin that he broke,You tell that dude he got to goIf he wants you to stay in the house everyday and

斤.call me upcall upph.1. 嬉窮三;嬉窮三公(蝶繁)2. ‐嘱/孰鹿

勣紗s ,the boy 頁及眉繁各汽方call sb up [簡灸] 嬉窮三公蝶繁;泌惚嗤逸廁議三萩寡追匯和~泌惚嗤夘諒,萩弖諒杏~~

robbie williams議ゞShe's The One〃?If there's somebody calling me onShe's the one 仇峽:

Give, willinggive sb. a call 公蝶繁嬉窮三be willing 垳吭

梧爆兆:Call Me Up梧返:Rick James廨辞:Street SongsYoshii Lovinson - Call Me恬簡:YOSHII LOVINSON恬爆:YOSHII LOVINSON園爆:YOSHII LOVINSONTODAY AFTERNOONTODAY AFTERNOONどんよりしてるのは腎じゃない寂離っ

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