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7th night free and 10% off all sun and spa activities. Golfers will delight playing the renovated Robert Trent Jones, Sr.-designed 18-hole golf course. The resort also boasts 13 lit tennis cour


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[图文] Step-free Tube Guide Tube and DLR stations with step-free access from the street and information Above all, your choice of major should be based on your own interests, abilities and personality,"

You will find all the details of our warranty and of our European fly-away vacations in two free color brochures. Just call your travel agent or America toll-free at (800) 433-7300 to get your


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应该是老伴的意思,通过girl前的形容词old 就知道和女儿没什么关系了“老姑娘”翻译的太直白,再说也没有这么说的所以选D

答案是A.Seeing 是一个现在分词,做状语,表示时间.flying 也是一个现在分词,作定语,修饰her school bag. 这句话的真正谓语是ran, 因此,其他动词只能用非谓语. 补充回答:B错,因为seen表示被动,既然被动,后面就不可能再出现宾语father.C错,因为to see 表示目的,“为了见到爸爸”,与题意不符.D错,因为 ran是谓语,后面如果再用was flying,一句话就出现了两个谓语了.

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