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He is making cards now.他正在做贺卡.He like playing football.他喜欢踢足球.He lost his new pen just now.他刚才丢失了他的新钢笔.He tell me a story.他告诉我一个故事.He does not like playing basketball.他不喜欢打篮球.

will he come here tomorrow?他明天将会来这吗?he will leave for beijing tomorrow.他明天将会动身去北京 will she go shopping?她会去购物吗?she will go to the mall.她将会去商场.will they have a meeting?他们有一个会议吗?we will go for a walk.我们将会去散步 will we have a test?我们将要考试吗 祝学习进步!如有帮助 请及时采纳!谢谢!

HE is a teacher

He found someone on him. 他发现有人在跟踪他.He saw you and I. 他看见你和我了.He winked at me. 他向我使个眼色.I approached him, but he motioned me away. 我走近他,但他挥手叫我走开.

1 he is a student 2 we all like him 3 this book is his

When does he watchTV?他什么时候看电视?He watches TV at8:00 in the evening.他晚上八点看电视

She is clever.Are you a student?You are good friends.I like apples.He goes to school from Monday to Friday.

忘记了1 有些人忘记了历史.忘记了是谁救了中国.忘记了将丰功伟绩永远牢记心中 (用三个忘记了造的排比句)2 当一个人昧着良心做了坏事,他忘记了上帝原来是教人向善的.3 当一个人遇到挫折而一蹶不振时,他忘记了取得成功必须为此付

等等,he是第三人称单数,have动词应该变成has吧!造句:He has a pen.

He is my best friend他是我最好的朋友 He is handsome他很帅

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