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stAy with 鍬咎嶄猟

肯狛議欠斑兜歪議駄匐辧士广 邦砧匯砧砧壓低議然謝俐蔑广 傍焚甓添 詼吉諌禍志叡残榾騎笥議 饂亀阻返燕椎劔 I can、t step for myself 咀葎覬低欺山戦主芋匯岷戒強广 All I just wanna stay with you 匯倖繁議扮昨音氏図 凛節祥馭酢阻貌議 I can be your sunshine forever 彬祐飛頁音嬬肇 斑万延撹韮壱議揖扮 峪嗤隆栖 峪嗤厘心議需万 匯岷 喟垓

Stay with you 冉滞 患きけた欠が らしてる 仟駄のカテン 肯狛議欠斑兜歪議駄匐辧士广 ひとひら きみのを 書 蔑るしずく 邦砧匯砧砧壓低議然謝俐蔑广 呀斐 採を冱えばいい 冱いたくて でも冱えないでいる 傍焚甓添 詼吉諌禍志

ゞstay with me〃--Danity Kane Raindrops, fall from, everywhere I reach out, for you, but you're not there So i stood, waiting, in the dark With your picture, in my hands Story of a broken heart Stay With me Don't let me go Cause I can't be without you

ゞStay with me〃侭奉廨辞:ゞDanity Kane〃 處蟹:Danity Kane 囂嶽:哂囂 蟹頭巷望:Bad Boy 窟佩扮寂:2006定08埖22晩 梧簡:Raindrops, fall from, everywhere 欺侃脅頁嚏泣 I reach out, for you, but you're not there 厘觸喀低低抜音壓椎円

岷咎議三祥頁:才低壓匯軟 哈賦匯和議三 辛參鍬咎葎:嚥低揖壓 峇徨岻返 附円

Stay With Me児云鍬咎藻壓厘附円 , 嚥厘猖耆大瞥吶Stay With Me:嚥厘猖 | 藻和栖 | 才厘壓匯軟

才低壓匯軟 = =|||

stay with me tonigh咄咎 ki mi ga ta i se tsu ni si te ru a o i te cyo ni wa fu ta ri de su go si ta to ki wo an to ka ku da ro u o mo i wa i tsu de mo ne ji re te ku ba ka ri da yo ho n to no ki mo chi ho do u so ni ki e ru *stay with me tonight ko no ma ma to mo

嶄猟鍬咎:畏竃飛涙凪並議然迅肇傍姿肇耙丶 厘湖欺凵城厘峪誨酔赤遇厮清距盆傍啣勣啜嗤誼音欺議叫廉寄社脅畷箔芦赤峠床伏試戟怎抜低尸厘近博弖广握議唹徨涙祖議耽爺融隼描峭盪坿喞祿峙陳婆貎兵溝鏡匆挫仭逗匆挫厘匆坐音壓窄I'

Stay with you fu ki lu ke ta ka se ga u la xi te lu 冉滞 患きけた欠が らしてる 仟駄のカテン 肯狛議欠斑兜歪議駄匐辧士广 Hi do hi la ki mi no ho o ni ma ka za lu xi su ku ひとひら きみのを 書 蔑るしずく 邦砧匯砧砧壓低議然謝俐蔑广 Na

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